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30th Sept 2024 (40-week)/ 26th August 2024 (20-week)/ 21st Oct 2024 (10-week)


30th Oct 2024 (40-week)/ 26th Sept 2024 (20-week)/ 5th Nov 2024 (10-week)

What is the Solicitors Qualifying Examination

The SQE stands for the Solicitors Qualifying Examination.
It is a new assessment, which all solicitors will be required to take before they are accepted as a qualified English solicitor. The SQE is split into two parts – SQE1 and SQE2.

SQE Preparation Course Overview

For 2024/ 2025 Exam


40 weeks / 20 weeks / 10 weeks



GMAT or TOFEL requirements



Online ONLY (FREE study group)

How to become a solicitor with SQE?

Undergraduate degree or equivalent

To become a solicitor, all applicants must either have an undergraduate degree, or equivalent experience, to study at degree level (for example, by completing a degree level apprenticeship).
Importantly, a qualifying law degree will no longer have any special meaning for the process, but it should help candidates prepare for some of the SQE assessments. (i.e. you DO NOT NEED a LAW DEGREE)

SQE stage 1

All applicants will have to sit and pass SQE Stage 1, whatever degree or other qualifications they have already. This means even if you have a law degree there is NO exemption. SQE Stage 1 will mainly assess your legal knowledge through multiple-choice examinations. You must complete SQE stage 1 before progressing to SQE stage 2.

SQE stage 2

All applicants will have to sit these assessments, regardless of existing qualifications. SQE Stage 2 will assess your legal skills through practical examinations and assessments.

Qualifying work experience

You’ll need to complete a minimum of two years’ qualifying work experience (QWE), which can be with up to four different legal employers (and could include appropriate pro bono experience). You can do this during, before or after completing your SQE assessments, although we expect that in most cases candidates will have successfully completed at least SQE stage 1 before starting their main period of QWE.

SQE 1 Preparation Course

2024 – 2025 Exam

Key Features

SQE 1 – 40 Weeks


£200 discount for BARBRI alumni

SQE 1 – 20 Weeks


£200 discount for BARBRI alumni

SQE 1 – 10 Weeks


£200 discount for BARBRI alumni

SQE 2 Preparation Course

2024 – 2025 Exam

Key Features



For BARBRI SQE1 Alumni



Standard Price

About the Qualifying Work Experience Program

The SQE Qualifying Work Experience Program (QWE) at Asia Bar Review is the first of its kind. Innovative, rigorous and demanding, the six-month QWE is an approved pathway to lawyer licensing in England & Wales , offering real legal work with a hands-on work term. Asia Bar Review works with the legal community to deliver a dynamic program that prepares Law School graduates to succeed in their legal practice and careers. The focus is on developing the skills and competencies future lawyers need for success.

You can gain QWE in one block, like a two-year training contract, or in stages, in up to a maximum of four organisations.

There are no requirements about when to undertake QWE. You can do it before, during or after taking your SQE assessments. You must register your QWE with the SRA. You must have completed your QWE before you apply for admission to the roll of solicitors. QWE must be signed-off in accordance with the SRA’s requirements.

Why should I take the Exam Preparation Course – with Asia Bar Review?

Preparing with Asia Bar Review will help you focus on your studies, build your confidence, and save you the time, money, and effort of trying to compile your own study materials and plan.
We have trained thousands of lawyers for the US Bar exams and QLTS exam since 2011, and possess deep knowledge and experience in preparing candidates these exams. When it comes to legal exam preparation, innovation, support and industry knowledge nobody compares to ABR. We have offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia and provide local support to our clients.


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Course Overview
LENGTH 40 weeks/ 20 weeks/ 10 weeks PRICE SQE1: £2,999 LANGUAGE English GMAT/TOFEL requirements No LOCATION Online