BARBRI has the highest pass rate and over 90% of the bar exam-takers choose BARBRI. BARBRI is the No.1 bar exam provider for the past 5 decades. Over 1.3 million graduations, our alumni includes the President, the First Lady, Congressmen, Attorney Generals, Judges and CEOs. Asia Bar Review exclusively licensed BARBRI to Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and we have successfully provided top quality services and assistance to clients in Asia. When you join Asia Bar Review, you sign up to 5 decades of proven experience, world class tutors, quality materials, truly informed exam tips, world class technology and app learning facilities, networking events, and job placements assistance.

The exam takes place every Feb and July (twice a year).

MPRE is the ethnic exam. It is administered three times each year: in March, August and November: Applications and information regarding the MPRE is available from NCBE at http://www.ncbex.org/multistate-tests/mpre/

The New York Bar Exam is a 2 day exam. Day 1: Six essay questions (worth 30%), two Multistate Performance Test (MPT) question (worth 20%).
Day 2: Multistate (MBE), a 200-question, multiple-choice exam (worth 50%).

The deadline for International BARBRI course 6 months program is Sept 1 for Feb exam and and 1 Feb for July exam. The earlier you apply, the earlier you would be able to obtain online access. However we advise clients to first obtain the foreign evaluation approval since BARBRI US has a strict non-refundable policy.

The International BARBRI 6 months course starts 1st Sept for the Feb exam and 1st Feb for the July exam.

Yes. Asia Bar Review offers both the California as well as New York bar exam. In fact, some of our clients take both exams.

Once you’ve paid the USD $250 deposit, we will arrange to send you the course materials. When you are finished with the course, simply return the materials back to us and receive your deposit back!

Our materials are not for resale: BARBRI materials are designed for BARBRI students only. All course materials that you receive and to which you have access during your enrollment are protected by Federal copyright law and are meant for your personal use only. By accepting this agreement, you agree not to reproduce, redistribute, share, sell, auction, or give away any such materials ,either during or after your enrollment.

No, you can have your paperwork and documents sent to them and sign up for the BARBRI course at Asia Bar Review at the same time. However our US offices have strict non-refundable and non-transferable policy.

We have a very high first time passing rate for our clients since we (1) train you hard and (2) our materials is thorough. However we offer one FREE repeat of the BARBRI course immediately following your exam. Please let us know within one month after the release of the results for the re-take.

The deadline for Feb exam is 1st Sept for the 6 months International BARBRI course and 1st Dec for regular BARBRI course.

No, there is an additional cost of $750 to sit the exam directly payable to the New York State Board of Law Examiners.

Yes. We offer pro bono service program. Please contact us for details.

Asia Bar Review only offer assistance and general enquiries for the New York bar exam. We do not guarantee you passing the foreign evaluation in time for the exam and we do not provide refund in any circumstances, since the sole authority lies in the New York State Board of Examiners.

The New York Board of Law Examiners (BOLE) generally accepts foreign legal education that incorporates at a minimum a 3 year full-time face-to-face tuition in a common law jurisdiction. When you contact us we will immediately help assess your eligibility.
If you are a candidate in the UK who has completed a LPC program, a GDL program or a BPTC program; or a candidate in HK who has completed a 2 years JD program or the part-time HKU Space Law program as a route to qualification, you will be required to complete a LLM program in the United States or take the PCLL to fulfill the duration requirements.
California Bar: Unlike New York where the key emphasis is placed on the substantive content (common law degree), modularity and duration (full-time degree of 3/4 years minimum) of your bachelor’s degree, California requires you to be a licensed practitioner (or a Registered Foreign Legal Consultant). California is less concerned about your undergraduate degree (it need not even be in law) and is more concerned about you being licensed to practice law. A Registered Foreign Legal Consultant is someone who is admitted to practice and is in good standing as an attorney or counselor at law (or the equivalent) in their home country or a foreign country and has a current State Bar Certificate of Registration as a Foreign Legal Consultant.

Yes. You prepare anywhere in the world with us, and then you fly to the US to sit for the Bar exam. For the New York Bar Exam, the majority of our students are placed in Albany or Buffalo unless you have a New York address. For California there are exam centers in the Los Angeles Area, San Diego, San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area, and Sacramento.

Yes. Once you have passed the Bar and MPRE exams and completed the admission process you will be fully qualified. There is no traditional 2 years of apprenticeship. Once admitted, you are licensed to practice and earn immediately.

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