Asia Bar Review is a full-service marketing and fundraising consulting firm tailored for the education sector with a strong focus in Asia. Our unparalleled experiences combined with our creative solutions enables us to understand the steps necessary for every client’s success.

We offer marketing and recruitment services for universities, boarding schools, international schools, institutions, NGOs etc. We promote social good by empowering education institutions and nonprofits through creative solutions and strategic consulting services.

Career Planning

  • Provide advice and assistance for parents, students and professionals who want to know more about legal study and career planning.

Course Design

  • Integrated curriculum development, generating intended learning outcomes, creating assignments to align with intended learning outcomes, content development for courses, and online learning advice for teachers and educational institutions.

Legal and Compliance Training

  • Legal training needs analysis for firms, organizations, NGO and government departments.

Debenture and Marketing

ABR can help education institutions with the following:

  • Debenture system structuring, marketing and admission support and fund raising support.