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5 days


Private Sector Professionals: $2,850
Government Agencies & Non-Profit Entities: $2,450
(ABR applicant discount rate: $350)




100% Online

Course Description

During this five-day virtual course, we examine the meaning and import of compliance and how to make the modern compliance program more effective to minimize risk and maximize advantage. We review how and why organization leadership can promote a culture of compliance and increase visibility, accountability, and efficiency in all corners of small to large and complex organizations. Participants will increase their understanding of the discipline of compliance with a strong emphasis on practical components to strengthen controls in any environment.

Compliance is becoming more and more important every day. More industries are regulated, enforcement is becoming more aggressive, regulations are becoming more numerous and complex. As a result, organizations in every sector are seeing the need to develop standards, change workflows, invest in technology and most fundamentally change their culture and structure to ensure that risks are identified and managed responsibly.

The best run organizations should have the best run compliance programs – ones that are holistic, that build a culture of compliance, that draw on a properly developed governance structure, and that enable overall improved management and effectiveness that goes far beyond the simple do’s and don’ts on paper. Because compliance touches all aspects of all organizations, it can and should be leveraged to both protect the organization and to advance strategic goals.

Who Should Attend

The program offers valuable skills for anyone with responsibility for establishing, implementing, or overseeing compliance strategies and risk management at every stage, in organizations large and small. It provides essential training for privacy officers, enforcement or compliance personnel, auditors, consultants, attorneys, risk management officers and all professionals whose work relates to or is affected by regulatory compliance obligations.

Participants who complete the program will gain the tools needed to understand and analyze the importance of compliance and the practical measures to embed compliance functions to your organization’s strategic advantage and earn a certificate in Compliance: The Overlooked Competitive Advantage from University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School.

What will set you apart

  • World-renowned faculty will help you unravel complex global compliance framework.
  • Attorneys, risk management professionals, auditors, compliance professionals, consultants and senior executives from all over the world will be accessible so you can expand your professional network.
  • Through interactive lectures and workshops, you’ll increase your understanding of the importance of a mature and effective compliance program to manage risk and to improve your organization’s overall controls.
  • Identify components of a compliance program that can be leveraged for better overall management, accountability, and efficiency.
  • Apply specific analytical approaches and operational strategies to build an effective compliance infrastructure and promote an overall culture of compliance.
  • Understand how to best advocate for specific internal and external policies based on a practical understanding of what is involved in implementing them in a meaningful way.

Course Director

Andrew Kandel

Andrew Kandel

Global Chief Compliance Officer & Senior Legal Officer and Senior Managing Director of Cerberus Capital Management, L.P.
– J.D. – University of Pennsylvania Law School – 86
– B.A. – University of Pennsylvania – 82
Mr. Kandel is the Global Chief Compliance Officer & Senior Legal Officer and Senior Managing Director of Cerberus Capital Management, L.P. Mr. Kandel joined Cerberus in 2007. Prior to joining Cerberus, Mr. Kandel was First Vice President and Assistant General Counsel at Merrill Lynch from 1998 to 2007, where he was in charge of state regulation, legislation and government relations and also handled various SEC, NYSE, NASD and compliance-related matters. From 1995 to 1998, Mr. Kandel was the Chief of the Investor Protection & Securities Bureau at the New York State Attorney General’s Office, where he also served as Assistant Deputy Attorney General and assisted in the oversight of the other Public Advocacy Departments: Antitrust, Charities, Civil Rights, Consumer Fraud, Environmental and Real Estate Finance. From 1993 to 1995, he was Senior Special Counsel, then Trial Counsel, at the Enforcement Division of the New York Stock Exchange. From 1986 to 1993, Mr. Kandel was an Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan where he investigated and prosecuted hundreds of criminal matters ranging from Arson and Robbery to Grand Larceny and Murder. Mr. Kandel is a member of the Cerberus Capital Management Compliance and Risk Management Committee, Securities Compliance Committee, Valuation Committee, Allocation Committee, Financial Risk Management Sub-Committee, Environmental, Social and Governance Committee, and Brokerage Selection Committee.

Christopher S. Yoo

Christopher S. Yoo

John H. Chestnut Professor of Law, Communication, and Computer & Information Science; Director, Center for Technology, Innovation & Competition
– JD – Northwestern – 95
– MBA – U.C.L.A. – 91
– AB – Harvard – 86
Christopher Yoo has emerged as one of the nation’s leading authorities on law and technology. Recognized as one of the most cited scholars in administrative and regulatory law as well as intellectual property, his major research projects include studying innovative ways to connect more people to the Internet; using technological principles to inform how the law can promote optimal interoperability; protecting privacy and security for autonomous vehicles, medical devices, and the Internet’s routing architecture; comparing antitrust enforcement practices in China, Europe, and the U.S.; copyright theory; and network neutrality. He is also building innovative integrated interdisciplinary joint degree programs designed to produce a new generation of professionals with advanced training in both law and engineering. The author of more than 100 scholar works, Yoo testifies frequently before Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, the U.S. Department of Justice, and foreign governments.


The program fee for Private Sector Professionals is $2,850 and Government Agencies & Non-Profit Entities is $2,450. Program fee includes access to all sessions, suggested readings, and course materials. The ABR scholarship discount is $350 off the program.

Admission to the program will be based on academic achievement and professional experience. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and space is limited, so we encourage all applicants to apply as early as possible. Once admitted, a non-refundable $50 deposit will be required within two weeks of acceptance. Please kindly send us a completed application form with your resume/CV.

The live virtual format is designed to foster a cross-disciplinary discussion to maximize your learning experience. Compliance: The Overlooked Competitive Advantage will take place on Penn Law’s Zoom platform. There will be two-to-three interactive sessions and group discussions each day between 8:00am and 11:00am ET. Breaks will also be scheduled intermittently. Course materials and pre-recorded sessions will be available to help participants prepare for the program.

During this one-week certificate program, you will gain an understanding of the complex global compliance framework that will enable you to develop a compliance program more effectively to minimize risk and maximize advantage. Participants will increase their understanding of the discipline of compliance with a strong emphasis on practical components to strengthen controls in any environment. You will also gain access to the global Penn community upon graduation.

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