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International Barbri Course

International BARBRI Course is designed for busy working professionals or law students like you. The course is held twice a year, March to July and October to February. Similar to the BARBRI Course there will be:

Program Structure

1.The 6 Month, Online Home Study Programme

  • Designed for non-US law graduates who can commit to studying 30 hours per week over a 6 month period.
  • The course starts on 1st September for those taking the Bar exam in February, or on 1st February for those taking the Bar exam in July. The first month of the course consists of 90 hours of a pre-course: Foundations in US Law. This is followed by the Bar Review lecture course over the following five months until the exam.

2.The 10 Month, Online Home Study Programme

  • Designed for non-US law graduates who are working professionals, this is a truly part-time course option.
  • Designed for those who require flexibility and will require no more than 15 hours of study per week
  • The course starts the first week in September for those taking the Bar exam the following July and the first week in April for those taking the Bar Exam the following February.

3.Program Materials

  • Materials to prepare you to sit the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) and the ethics exam (MPRE) are covered as part of the BARBRI International program.
  • We offer 1:1 attention and guidance both for administrative matters such as eligibility and registration, and in the form of a personal BARBRI International mentor. The course is exam-focused with pre-recorded lectures delivered by prominent US law professors. The lectures are available on demand, 24/7.
  • Simulated exams: There are two simulated exams held throughout each bar preparation course. The test is designed to replicate the exam experience and to test your performance under time pressure. The exam results provide highlights as to which area of law you should focus your time in studying.
  • BARBRI AMP: This is an effective tool online to maximize your MBE score. It assesses your level of knowledge and focuses your attention where you should allocate your time and effort.
  • Essay Architect: This is designed to assist you to critically read the bar exam questions, identify what the examiners are looking for and enhance your speed in writing strong essay answers.

4.BARBRI Guarantee

  • BARBRI International offers one free additional course for those who are unsuccessful on the Bar exam, or who were not able to sit the Bar exam as intended. This free course must be the next consecutive course.

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