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ABR Pro Bono Program is tailored to meet the New York Bar admission requirements under The Rule (22 NYCRR § 520.16). On September 14, 2012, the New York State Court of Appeals adopted a new rule requiring applicants for admission to the New York State bar to perform 50 hours of pro bono services.

Our program mainly deals with debt bondage, abuses, discrimination, physical and sexual assault cases, slavery and human trafficking cases, as well as criminal and immigration offenses. Our participants will assist in preparing court documents, assist with legal agreements and provide legal advice on the aforementioned legal issues.


Thank you for organising this Pro Bono programme as it would have been a nightmare trying to find a placement on my own that would satisfy all the requirements for the Bar. I think its wonderful what your company does, guiding so many young graduates through the perilous journey that is passing and being called to the New York Bar. My favourite aspect about the program is being able to help a group of people who are severely disadvantaged when it comes to being informed about their rights. It allows me to make a tangible and positive difference in their lives especially as I am given the opportunity to accompany them to their settlement meetings and tribunal hearings.

- B.L **

I enjoyed having face-to-face interviews with clients, and got the opportunity to follow cases from start to end. I was able to utilise my bilingual skills to help our clients to communicate with their employers by drafting letters and attending conciliation meeting, as well as helped distressed individuals to find a way to resolve their predicament. I also enjoyed working with experienced human rights lawyers and volunteers at clinic, and gained the most valuable experience which I do not get in my corporate law practice.

- J.L **

The program offers tremendous opportunities to learning how to approach a case and communicate with the client from the staff at the centre. They are really helpful and always ready to help.

- S.L **

Thank you for all your help in the past year!

- E.W **

The aspect of the program I enjoyed most is being able to help minorities.

- D.L **

ABR Pro Bono Program had been an enjoyable pro bono work experience. There were many aspects of the program I enjoyed. It was rewarding to see people in need walk out with more confidence and fewer worries because they know their rights and entitlements under the law. Accompanying the client to a court hearing, with a member of the Philippines Consulate in attendance, after drafting the witness statements and statement of claim was one of many highlights. Another was when I successfully negotiated a domestic helper’s outstanding one-month’s salary in lieu of notice with an employer. Lastly, the Pro Bono team was friendly and showed me the ropes around the office.

- T.H **

Interviewing clients is the best part of the program, as this is the key step in understanding their case… I enjoyed researching on relevant laws, be it related to small claims, labour tribunal cases, or Employment Ordinance.

- L.L **

The best part of the program is helping people who need help and protection of the law. The work involves increase legal awareness of the vulnerable community.

- T.S **

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